AMAZON ECUADOR. YASUNI NATIONAL PARK. NAPO RIVER. An unforgettable wild life and birding experience

Amazon Ecuador, Napo river, Birding Trip.- Visiting Ecuador, and to have a journey in the Napo river through the Yasuni National Park, tributary of the Amazon river, is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have on your journeys. The impressive biodiversity of this lowlands ecosystem characterized by habitat of primary forest of terra firme, surrounded by lagoons and varzea forest it is represented by a variety of animal species, such as, birds, insects, reptiles; as well an exuberant and dense vegetation.

While hiking or taking a trip on canoe, you will be amazed hearing and observing lot of birds such as Hoatzins, caciques, Oropendolas, Macaws, caracaras, colorfull tanagers, parrots, toucans, and many others

The Mammals will be another fascinating experience, hearing and observing different species of monkeys such as, red howler monkey, Common squirrel monkey and others. Amazon Ecuador, Napo river, Birding Trip

Wildlife lovers who want to visit Ecuador can have some different options to begin this amazing experience.

The biodiversity is so vast that we recommend at least a stay of three weeks to try to visit most of the habitats, visiting the north and south of Ecuador or planning to stay a little longer to include the coast of Ecuador.

If your plans are for short trips, you can also have the opportunity to visit specific regions where of course you will have your first impression and will see a lot of wildlife.

Exploraves (birdsexplore) will give you the opportunity to have this experience. We offer a program visiting in the north, Mindo (Choco region), and the Napo River (an Amazon basin in the Yasuni National Park); completing the tour in the south with Buenaventura, Jorupe, Tapichalaca, Copalinga Reserves and the Podocarpus National Park, as well the Nangaritza River, another tributary of the Amazon. Amazon Ecuador, Napo river, Birding Trip.

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