Oreotrochilus cyanolaemus

Blue-throated Hillstar T shirts for sale Loja Ecuador


This beautiful himmingbird was discovered in 2017 in southern Ecuador, in the province of Loja, Saraguro, place Cerro de Arcos. For those people who are visiting  southern Ecuador, and would like to carry a nice memory of this bird, we offer this wonderful souvenir embodied on a t-shirt, which the original painting was made by the bird illutrator Pablo Andrade. This hummingbird was made in oil on canvas and it was painted in a realistic way with many hours of work.

The Original Illustration of this hummingbird and many others are on exhibition in a Museum in the city of Loja in the Casona Cultural del Municipio located in Bernardo Valdivieso street and Rocafuerte.

You can get this t shirts with many others designs in the city of Loja. While you are visting the natural reserves and on the way crossing the city of Loja you can do a little stop in the city, in the downtown near the San Sebastian Square, in the narrrowest street of Loja: Lourdes Street.

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