Wildlife and Birdwatching Holidays Ecuador 2024 -25


NORTHERN ECUADOR:  Mindo Area (Choco Region): Cloud Forest, Lowlands, Higher elevations and Paramo: Papalallacta Pass, Antisana Reserve: Antisana Volcano, Laguna la Mica. Amazon Basin: Yasuni National Park, Napo River

SOUTHERN ECUADOR: Endemic and Specialties: Podocarpus National Park, Amazon Basin: Nangaritza River. Remote Forests: Paquisha, Cerro de Arcos (new species of hummingbird: Blue – throated Hillstar). Acacana Reserve.

Places to Visit:

          Northern Ecuador: MIndo Area, Mashpi, Yanacocha Reserve, Mashpi, Antisana  Reserve,  Napo River.

         Southern Ecuador:

  • Tapichalaca Reserve (2500 m – 8200 feets).
  • Zamora Chinchipe Province – Bombuscaro River – Podocarpus National Park – Copalinga Reserve (900 m – 2950 feets.).
  • Saraguro: Cloud Forets (2400 -3200 m) Acacana: 3400 m. 11154 feets.
  • Cerro de Arcos: 3600 m. – 11811 feets.  
  • Buenaventura Reserve – Choco Region: (500-1300 m, 1640-4265 feets).
  • Nangaritza Riiver

         We can custom  make ornithological tours  to suit the travel wishes of our customers.
         our tours are available throughout the year and are flexible enough to accommodate the special needsof every customer.
         Ask for our programs: 1 day, 1 week, 10 – 12 – 15 days, 2 weeks, 20 days, 1 month 

Ej: Basic Program southern Ecuador: 

Day 1.  Buenaventura  Reserve. Umbrella Bird Lodge. 3 nights. Choco Region: (500-1300 m, 1640-4265 feets). Birds: Long-wattled Umbrella Bird. El Oro Parakeet.

Day 2. Buenaventura Reserve. Umbrella Bird Lodge. 

Day 3. Buenaventura Reserve. 

Day 4. Cerro de Arcos. 1 night. Paramo. 3600 m. – 11811 feets. Blue-throated Hillstar.
Day 5. Saraguro. Acacana Reserve. 1 night. Cloud Forest: 2400 -3200 m) Acacana: 3400 m. 11154 feets. Crescent –faced Antpitta.
Day 6. Head to Tapichalaca Reserve, Casa Simpson lodge (2500 m- 8200 feets), 2 nights. Jocotoco Antpitta
Day 7. Tapichalaca Reserve, Casa Simpson.
Day 8,9,10. Copalinga Reserve, Podocarpus National Park. 3 nights. Spangled Coquette; Coppery-chested Jacamar, Umbrella Bird; Andean Cock-of-the Rock
Day 11. Flight back Quito.