Yasuni Amazon Ecuador, Your Natural Destiny 2024 -2025

The Ecuadorian Amazon Region is only a few minutes away from Quito – Capitol of Ecuador by airplane. This is a beautiful region, lung of the world, place where mystery and exotic jungle come together and with the confort od civilizacion. This amazing place is a temptation for those who enjoy adventure without harming the ecosystem.

Our team of Exploraves Birding Tour Company takes this opportunity to convey you our best regards  and to present our program to the Amazon Basin in the Napo River, Yasuni National Park and Sacha Lodge, for an exciting wildlife and birding experience, surrounded by unspoiled primary forest in which no human interferences has yet taken place, lagoons and flooded Varzea Forest surrounded by primary terra firme forest.


Napo River -Yasuni National Park

South of the Napo River is the largest protected area in Ecuador. The Yasuní is one of the last areas of jungle that, remain intact in Ecuador, the most biodiverse place on the planet. These extraordinary forests are the heritage of all Ecuadorians and one of the Earth´s life reserves. They are also home to peoples who have developed an intimate dialogue with the forests and who know them deeply.

Imagine yourself drifting down a narrow, winding creek surrounded on all sides by a lush, endless sea of tropical greenery, and all that separates you from the deep black Amazon waters is a canoe hand-carved out of a single tree trunk. As you manoeuvre around a bend something unidentified crashes off into the underbrush, and you catch a glimpse of two magnificent, colourful macaws startled into flight. Suddenly, the forest erupts with a roar so loud that all you can imagine is some giant, fierce predator on the prowl. But as you turn to face your destiny, the menace is revealed as a family of furry red howler monkeys huddled together in a treetop. With a sigh of relief you continue onward, deeper into the unknown.

This is one of the many sensations you may experience at Sacha Lodge, located in the heart of Ecuador´s Amazon Basin. A heaven for nature lovers, birdwatchers, scientists and adventure seekers, Sacha Lodge provides comfortable accommodations, first-class meals and expert guides in order for you to fully enjoy the wonders of the tropical rain-forest.

Accesibility: Programs: from 4 days 3 nights, 5 days 4 nights.

Daily flights depart from Quito to San Francisco de Orellana (Coca). It takes 30 minutes.

Our Programs and itineraries are taylor-made and flexible to your needs. 

It remains for us to thank you, dear visitor, the confidence and interest in visiting our country Ecuador, share with us this unforgettable experience , which, together with a human team, enjoy the most beautiful scenery, culture, and diversity of species.

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