Birding Tour Southern Ecuador 2021

Exploraves in the Southern Ecuador make tours available for 2020 2021. December, january, february, march.

Birding Tour Ecuador 2021. Endemic and specialties exploring the most remote forests in southern Ecuador: Buenaventura Reserve (choco region): Long-wattled Umbrella Bird, El Oro Parakeet; Jorupe Reserve (dry forest); Cerro the Arcos to see the new species of hummingbird for ecuador: Blue-throated Hillstar; Copalinga Reserve Tropical Forest: Coppery-chested Jacamar, White-necked Parakeet, Spangled Coquette; Saraguro Acacana Forest: Crescent-faced Antpitta; Amazon Basin in Yankuam Lodge and Maycu Reserve: Orange-throated Tanager.

Birding Tour Ecuador 2021.

Birding Tour Southern Ecuador 2021
Blue-throated Hillstar Crescent-faced Antpitta Golden-plumed Parakeet
Long-wattled Umbrella Bird Orange-throated Tanager Andean-cock-of-the rock


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