Birding Tour Specialties Southern Ecuador

Birding Tour, Specialties and highlights of Southern Ecuador.

The Southern Ecuador is home more than the half bird species of the total of Ecuador, turning it into in one of the destination to explore for rarities and endemics birds such as the lalely hummingbird discovered Blue-throated Hillstar and years ago the Jocotoco Antpitta.

Our tours leaded by Pablo Andrade with years of experience on birds, and knowledge of the regions, takes you to explore, the marvelous mountains and landscapes of the most recognized spots and wooded areas, Podocarpus National Parks and private reserves.

At arrive to the south and explore the remote spots, you will enjoy of pleasent observing our amazings landscapes, fulls of Native Forest. You will get surprise seeing in the lowlads of the south west, the biodiversity of the ecosistems, beginig from the coast, the named Tumbesian Zone, the dry forests, and the variety of habitats, such as the mangrooves, wetlands, forest of acacias,the giants Ceibo trees.

Continuing and heading higher, on the west foothills of the Choco region you will feel and see the change of the vegetation, where converge various types of ecosistems such as:  Bosque de manglar, Bosques Siempre verde, Bosque humedo Premontano, Bosque hùmedo y Paramo. The montane and temperate forest of the andes are the most impresive landascape to enjoy.

It is awesome to observe while we head to our destinantion, the dense of the forest, accompanied with a variety of loudy and melodious voices of the birds such as the Toucans, that give us our welcome and inevitably to drive us to ask us, "what is this?" ,and if is possible to make a little stop to see them.

At the Amazon Basin. The lush foothill rainforest of the Nangaritza Valley is one of most exciting experience we can experience,  where lies the Cordillera del Condo. This amazing ecosistems is home of an enormous variety of species of fauna and Flora. You will be amazed with the variety of birds and its songs such as the Amazon Trogon, the loudies and muscician wrens, tanagers and our specialities to find, the elusives and secretives lots of Anshrikes, Antwrens and Antbirds.  

Our destinations cover the most of ecosistems and regions from the lowlands to the highlands, and the most remote forest in the province of Zamora Chinchipe such as Chinapinza, Paquisha, Shaime, Cordillera del Condor, and lately Cerro de Arcos, where was discovered a new hummingbird for the world, the Blue-throated Hillstar (Oreothrochilus cyanolaemus).

Please join as for an unforgettable experience.

Jocotoco Antpitta Chestnut-mandibled Toucan Blue-throated Hillstar


Black-crowned Antshrike Spot-backed Antshrike